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If you don't see your question below, we're happy to answer via email at

What are your qualifications?

I like to say that I've had dogs since I was an embryo and I have trained my own dogs for decades. 


Officially, I am part of the Absolute Dogs Training Academy and a Certified ABSOLUTE DOGS PRO DOG TRAINER.


What makes Game On Dog Training unique?

Game On Dog Training is unique in that it's based on two very important things:

  1. Game-based training, which actually reshapes the way your dog thinks and how they view the world.

  2. Understanding and implementing CONCEPTS. Dogs learn not by teaching commands, but by developing concepts such as:

  • Calmness

  • Disengagement

  • Novelty

  • Confidence

  • Arousal Up/Arousal Down

  • Focus

  • Independence

  • Self-Control


Am I going to have to buy a bunch of stuff?

No!!! This is what is so wonderful about game-based concept training.


All you need is your dog, a harness (preferred over a collar, but we can work with a collar if need be), a leash, and your dog's daily food!


That’s it!


A dog treat bag on your hip is also very helpful. You can buy a really awesome one from us or find one (less awesome) online.

Game-On Dog K-9 Concept Training provides all other training tools at our location including individual water bowls.


How do I know this is going to work?

That is a GREAT question! 

Your dog can and WILL learn no matter what the age or issue. 

The only thing that will stop your dog from his/her transformation is…YOU! Our job as dog parents is to be engaged in the process. Sending your dog off to someone else to train them does not build a bond with your dog and therefore lasting results are difficult to achieve. 

Game On is different in three very important ways: 

  1. This training is game-based and all dogs LOVE it. Real-life results allow you to see the transformation in front of your eyes!

  2. This training is owner-based. That means the owner works with their dog (under our guidance) to create communication, understanding, and a bond. 

  3. This training is concept-based meaning that we focus on the concepts that lead to the struggle, not the struggle. We teach you to focus on what you WANT your dog to do, not what you don’t want (for example: focus on keeping all 4 feet on the floor instead of counter surfing).


How much do your classes cost?

Check out and sign-up for our current class listings HERE.


Where are classes held?

Group and 1-on-1 classes are held at our Davie location in a 80’ x 170’ arena and/or a covered barn on site (based on weather).


1-on-1 classes are also held at our Weston/Sunrise location.

Do you offer 1:1 training?

ABSOLUTELY! 1-on-1 training is an important option for many whose dog may be reactive to other people or other dogs. There is no doubt they need help, but a group class may feel impossible or overwhelming.


1-on-1 classes are the perfect way to help you achieve your dog-owning dream without the concern of negative interactions.


There are 4 awesome group classes and 1:1 training, where do I start? 
Which class do I take?

At Game On Dog Training, we have the best training for you and your companion so that you both can achieve lasting results. 


If you’re not sure if group classes or a 1-to-1 training is right for you, it’s best to start with an Exploratory Chat where we can discuss what’s going on with your pup.


As far as our group classes - we’ve structured our classes so that everyone starts with a solid foundation with our 3-week group class, Introduction to Concept Training. This class will help you understand how and why we use these methods to get the results you want for your dog, as well as provide you with lots of training games that will give you real-life results and get you started on your training journey.


Once completing Introduction to Concept Training, you can discuss with your trainer which class would be the perfect follow-up for you and your pup. You can assess what your dog's struggles are and decide if he/she needs leash work, house manners help, or to learn how to disengage from other dogs, cats, people, squirrels etc. 


Keep in mind that ALL of our classes will benefit your dog. All games will reshape your dog's brain and how they think and process information.

Where to Start

What if I join a class but it’s not for me?

That is a possibility, though extremely rare. We are happy to refund any classes not used.


Are there breeds you do not work with?

There are no breeds that we refuse to work with.


However, we will assess which class your dog should attend and whether your dog should be in a group class or 1-on-1 training based on any behavior issues or negative dog-to-dog interactions, etc.


Our top priority is safety for you, your pet, and all participants. 

What breeds do you work with?

All breeds! Game On Concept Training works for all breeds and all ages! We LOVE them all!


Will my dog be in a group class with pit bulls?

Our number one priority is safety for ALL participants and their beloved dogs.


All breeds are welcome in our group classes. HOWEVER, any dog that is dog-aggressive or people-aggressive will not be permitted in group classes and MUST go through a behavior consultation and then 1-on-1 training.


Permission into a group class is then based on how the dog progresses in 1-on-1 training.


But again - understand that SAFETY is our first priority.


Is there a bathroom on location?

Yes. A bathroom is provided and spacious enough to bring your dog. Your dog may also wait in your air-conditioned car or under its training tent if trustworthy.

How old must my dog be to start training?

You can start training your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Topics like boundaries, calmness, housebreaking, orientation (following you), novelty training (fear of noises, people, other dogs etc.).


What if I don’t have a lot of time?

Most of us don't. Luckily, classes are no more than one hour per week (though you will have the opportunity to come more than once if you like).


Your training time at home is a MUST, but this typically takes only 3-5 minutes at a time. Most of us spend twice as much time scrolling through Facebook!


Can you just train my dog for me?

No. We are a 100% owner-participation training program. Even if you are in a wheelchair, you can train your dog with this method.


Besides, we humans need fun in our life too!


Do I need to be involved in training and present at the group classes?

YES! You and your dog are a team!


You will need to be right by your dog’s side, learning and having FUN!


Can you come to my home to train my dog?

There are occasions when it is best to assess a dog’s behavior in its home. Behavioral issues may occur in the home but not outside. In these cases, a home visit may be scheduled.


Ultimately 1-on-1 and group classes will occur in one of our two locations in Davie and Weston/Sunrise.


My dog(s) can be aggressive, is that a problem?

Safety is our top priority, therefore we will not allow aggressive* dogs in a group class.


However, we can assess an “aggressive” dog in a behavior consultation and design a proper training plan, which will likely start with a one-to-one training. 

*Aggressive is a term that is often used for a reactive dog. It may not be true aggression and therefore should be assessed properly.


I have never taken my dog to a group class. Is it safe?

Safety is our FIRST priority. Any dog who is assessed to be “aggressive” will not be in a group class. 


However, there are times when dogs just don’t know how to interact with other dogs and a training class is NOT the time for dogs to be interacting with each other. Therefore safety rules are in place before, during, and after all classes.


Your instructor will guide you in and out of the training area, one at a time. There will NEVER be two dogs going through the gate at the same time. 


We utilize your car as a holding point until it is your turn to enter. Cars are parked directly adjacent to the training area (and left running with AC if necessary). You may sit in your car with your dog or stand outside until you are instructed to enter. If there is not a class before you, you may leave your dog to enter the training area to set up your personal items (treats, something to drink for you, etc.). Please note that most of your training tools will be provided to you for the duration of the class).


Leaving the training area is under the direction of your instructor as well. This is to provide you and your dog with a calm and safe experience. 


While in class, you and your dog will be 15 feet away from other dogs with your own designated space, including a shaded area, raised bed, water bowl, and 15-foot leash. Please lead your dog in with a standard 6-foot leash and keep it on until asked to use the 15-foot leash (this will only be used in particular games).


What are your thoughts on shock collars and punishment?

At Game On K-9 Concept Training, we do not use aversive methods of training or behavior modification.


Our methods are about understanding and training concepts through a game-based approach. This brings joy to the owner and the dog!


What if I have more than one dog?

We recommend bringing one dog at a time unless you have a family member who is interested in participating in class. Class size is limited, so be sure to enroll each participant and dog separately. Game On K-9 Concept training is a wonderful method of training for a multi-dog household.


Multi-dog household workshops are coming soon so that you can learn to integrate what you have learned in foundation training into your dog pack whether you have 2, 3, or more dogs!


Do you help with integrating a new dog into the pack?

Yes, we do! And this is such an important process in the home for you, your family, and your four-legged friends. A calm and peaceful transition from a one-dog (or more) household to a multi-dog household is critical to a long-term, well-adjusted pack.


We often overlook the importance of calmness as a foundation for all other training. So, step #1 is to give your current dog or pack a lesson in what we call the calmness triad. This important lesson is essential for ANY dog home and especially critical for a multi-dog home. Your new dog will, of course, receive the same training and you will learn to understand the dog/dog interaction process, ensuring a peaceful integration. 

Learn more about our Household Manners Class


How old is too old for my dog to train?

Dogs can learn at any age. Yes, ANY age.


As a matter of fact, life-long training is so important for our senior dogs. As dogs age, they can experience many ailments that humans can, including vision issues, hearing loss, arthritis, and cognitive changes.


Concept training can improve your dog's life in all of these areas, whether they started as a pup, mid-life, or as a senior. Concept training will reshape your dog's brain and bring calmness, interest, and joy to your dear companion's life!


What is the best way to socialize my dog?

So often I am asked this question. Some people even bring a laundry list of people, dogs, and situations they want their dog to be "socialized" to.


For example, kids, teens, teens with backpacks, men with hats, men without hats, bicycles, scooters, german shepherds...The list goes on and on.


But socialization with every type of thing, person, dog, and event is not what we strive for at Game On. Our goal is to create a mindset where these things are just not that interesting. Imagine that!


A squirrel, duck, scooter, or any other novel thing is just not interesting to your dog. Instead, you and the imaginary bubble which surrounds you are all that matters in your dog's world. This does not make them anti-social. Instead, it creates a calm dog that is "just not into" novelty. 

Do you hold workshops?

Yes, we do!


We love to dig deep into a concept and break it down so that you AND your dog understand it and can put it into action! Workshops focus on specific concepts like:

  • Dealing with a nervous dog at the veterinarian's office

  • Barking

  • Building calmness

  • Dog nutrition

  • Creating fun food toys (like lick mats and snuffle rugs)

  • How to housebreak your puppy (or grown rescue dog!)

Watch our event calendar for live demonstration days and events!

And in the meantime, check out our training videos HERE.

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