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Training Center Information


5010 SW 73rd Ave, 
Davie, FL 33314

The address above will take you to the Northern side of the property. Please see the map images below for a more specific guide on how to get to our training facility.

Please keep speeds to 5 mph as there are many horse farms on SW 73rd Ave.

Where Are Classes Held
The property is very large. The area outlined in pink is where our classes will be held. You'll see signs along the fence on SW 73rd Ave, directing you to this entrance.

Training Center Zoomed (blur - boxed).png

Suggested Route
Coming from Griffin Road is the suggested route to the Training Center. Once you reach the address above, keep driving until you see our signs and Southern entrance.

Training Center Zoomed (arrows).png

Parking is located just South of the Training Tent as outlined below.

Training Center - Tent and Parking.png
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